The Brush Families of the British Isles

The main content of BFBI.uk is a one-name genealogical study 'The BRUSH families of the British Isles'. But it also includes sections on other families linked somehow to my particular BRUSH family (Blake, Umpelby, Wallis, Gurnett, Lewis, Mardlin, Freeman, John,....). The full list of contents is below but here are some key links:

The introductory section of the BFBI,if you want to read the whole history as if it was a book. It's a long read!

The early BRUSH family in Tewkesbury, c.1550. and in other parts of Gloucestershire

The roots of BRUSH families in the USA, c.1650

The English roots of the BLAKE family of Brisbane, Australia, c.1850

The 19th century WALLIS family in Westminster.

Wills - Images and transcripts


This list links to the chapters available online and gives an indication of the material available offline. The task of uploading and formatting it all is not going to be a quick job!!!

In the meantime do feel free to contact me : brushdw@gmail.com

Simplified contents list of sections without chapters.

Section 1   Introduction

Chapter 1.A   Summary  and   My own Line of Descent
Chapter 1.B   Preface
      Chapter 4   The earliest Brush entries
Chapter 5   The state of play at 1588
Chapter 1.C   The origin of the Brush name?
Chapter 1.D   Conventions used in this history

Section 2 Suffolk and the east of England

Chapter 2.A   Suffolk and other eastern England entries
Chapter 2.B   Essex and Kent
Chapter 2.C   Conclusion

Section 3 Tewkesbury

Chapter 3.A   Richard of Tewkesbury
Chapter 3.B   Richard's children
Chapter 3.C   Multiple Richards
Chapter 3.D   Thomas of Pershore

Section 4   Gloucestershire and thereabouts 1454-16??

Chapter 4.A   Gloucestershire Introduction
Chapter 4.B   Brockworth
Chapter 4.C   Brockworth continued
Chapter 4.D   Cheltenham, Cirencester & Wiltshire
Chapter 4.E   Early Gloucestershire conclusions

Section 5   East Midlands

Chapter 5.A   East Midlands

Section 6 Wotton under Edge

Chapter 6.A   Wotton under Edge 1589-1642
Chapter 6.B   Thomas of Wotton
Chapter 6.C   Robert & Richard
Chapter 6 : Appendix   Wotton register entries

Section 7 Yorkshire

Chapter 6.A   Yorkshire

Section 8 Herefordshire

Chapter 6.A   Herefordshire
Chapter 6.B   Herefordshire
Chapter 6.C   Herefordshire
Chapter 6 : Appendix   Herefordshire register entries

Section 9 Early South West

Chapter 9.A   Early South West
Chapter 9.B   Early South West/a>
Chapter 9.C  
Early South West
Chapter 9 : Appendix   Early South West register entries

Section 10 Oxfordshire & Berkshire

Chapter 6.A   Oxfordshire & Berkshire

Section 11 London 1575-1700

Chapter 11.A   London 1575-1700

Section 12 Emigrants to America

Chapter 12.A Brush families in the USA

Chapter 12.B Thomas Brush of Southold and Huntington

Chapter 12.C Richard Brush of Huntington

Chapter 12.D The children of Thomas and Richard

Section 13 Wiltshire 1641-1800

Chapter 13.A   Wiltshire

Section 14 Kildwick

Chapter 14.A   Kildwick

Section 15 South West 1701-1851

Chapter 15.A   South West 1701-1851

Section 16 BLANK

Chapter 16.A   BLANK

Section 17 Ireland

Chapter 17.A Ireland - a single source?

Chapter 17.B Ireland; John in 1599?

Chapter 17.C Ireland; other families

Chapter 17.D Ireland; 3 sons of Crean

Chapter 17.E Ireland; Crane, son of James

Chapter 17.F Ireland; Richard of Madeira

Chapter 17.G Ireland; Generation 5

Chapter 17.H Ireland; 3 sons of Crean

Chapter 17.I Ireland; 3 sons of Crean

Chapter 17.J Ireland; James the Jeweller

Section 18 Gloucestershire & Wiltshire 1701-1851

Chapter 18.A   Section 18 Gloucestershire & Wiltshire

Section 19 London & Middlesex 1701-1851

Chapter 19.A   London & Middlesex 1701-1851

Section 20 Berkshire & Bruch

Chapter 20.A   Berkshire & Bruch

Section 21 John the Gunsmith

Chapter 21.A   John the Gunsmith

Section 22 Newington to Dartford 1809 onward

Chapter 22.A   Newington to Dartford

Section 23 Inglesham and Swindon

Chapter 23.A   William of Inglesham

Chapter 23.B   Thomas of Swindon

Section 24 The children of William of Inglesham

Four sons who moved to London

Chapter 24.A   Samuel of Harrow

Chapter 24.B   Isaac of Leavesden

Chapter 24.C   William the Cheesemonger

Chapter 24.D   Thomas the much married 1777-1864

Section 25 Grandchildren of William of Inglesham

Chapter 25.A   BLANK

Chapter 25.B   BLANK

Chapter 25.C   Children of William the Cheesemonger

Chapter 25.D   Children of Thomas the much married'

Section 26 The great-grand-children of William of Inglesham

Chapter 26.A   BLANK

Chapter 26.C   Children of William the Decorator

Section 27 DARTFORD

Chapter 27.A   BLANK

Section 28 Isaac James & family

Chapter 28.A   Isaac James

Section 29 London Direct from 1809

Chapter 29.A   LOndon Direct

Section 30 Umpleby

Chapter 30.A   Umpleby

Section 31 Lewis & Mardlin

Chapter 31.A   Lewis & Mardlin

Section 32 Wallis

Chapter 32.A   Wallis

Chapter 32.A   Wallis

Chapter 32.A   Wallis

Chapter 32.A   Wallis

Section 33 Freeman, Hobbs & Smedley

Chapter 33.A   Freeman, Hobbs & Smedley

Section 34 Pleming & Savage

Chapter 34.A   Pleming & Savage

Section 35 BLANK

Chapter 35.A   BLANK

Section 36 Birmingham

Chapter 36.A   Birmingham

Section 37 Crean 1725-1788

Chapter 37.A   Crean 1725-1788

Section 38 Charles William 1869-19?? and his descendants

Chapter 38.A   Charles William 1869-19??

Section 40 Bruch

Chapter 40.A   Bruch

Section 41 Bruge

Chapter 41.A   Bruge

Section 42 Brugh

Chapter 42.A   Brugh

Section 45 Surrey

Chapter 45.A   Surrey

Section 50 Australasia

Chapter 50.A   Australasia

Section 60 The John family

Chapter 60.A   The John family

Section 70 Military Brushes

Chapter 70.A   Military Brushes

Section 73 The Brush electrical companies

Chapter 73.A   Brush group history

Section 80 Fictional Brushes

Chapter 80.A   Fictional Brushes


1612 William "the younger" of Brockworth

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