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Section 11 : London 1575-1700

Chapter 11.A

The Tudor Period


In the early 17th century - the Stuart period leading up to the English Civil war - there were several BRUSH families in London. There is nothing to suggest any significant BRUSH presence in or before the Tudor period. We have only a couple of scraps of evidence. Although a lack of information proves nothing (and a lot of records were lost in the Great Fire of London) it is interesting to note that the earliest entries for London only appear well after the earliest entries elsewhere. London seems to have been a destination for the family rather than a source.

This chapter is slightly different to some others in that there is little narrative thread. For the most part, the detail has all been included within the chapter rather than being left to go in an Appendix. This is done in the hope that some reader will be able to seize on and develop some detail, resolve some loose end or provide a missing link. As a part of this approach I have included in the chronology some entries for 'target birthdates' for individuals we meet later. These have typically been based on the formula, mentioned in previous chapters, assuming birthdates 25 years before a woman's marriage, 28 years before a man's marriage and 30 years before the birth of a child.

The Tudor Entries

1575 The very earliest London record we have, from the late 16th Century, is for the burial of Susan BRUSH [L1(2)] on 17th November 1575 at St Peter le Poer, Broad Street - a beautifully clear written record. Would that they were all like that. Unlike other register entries on the same page there is no mention of her being 'wife of' or 'daughter of' anyone. Which suggests she is an adult. Maybe a spinster, maybe a widow? As so often we are left with no idea. I'm not aware of any other early references to a Susan or any similarly named Brush daughters anywhere so it is a complete dead end.

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