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Chapter 25.A

Descendants of Thomas

Thomas 'the much married' had four wives, children by the first three and a step-son by the fourth as described in chapter 24. His first child with Sarah TAYLOR, Samuel the postman, is my 3G-grandfather and his story continues in chapter 29.A. This section looks at the other children and their descendants.

Thomas's second marriage was to Amey Goulding. They had children together. The first was William Morris Brush, born 17 Jul 1812 and baptised at ???? on 01 Nov 1812.

In 1814 there is a further baptism at St George the Martyr, Southwark of George Thomas.

Their third son Henry Charles is born on 2 February 1817 but he is not baptised until 1821, after Amey's death, at St Luke's Chelsea on 3 June 1821.

That baptism occured on the same day as the baptism of Isaac James Brush, the first son of Thomas and his third wife Sarah Martin. Another delayed baptism, Isaac had been born on November 9 1819.

Thomas's fourth marriage to Elizabeth Cave (nee Forrester) produced no new children but we know of at least one stepson - Sidney CAVE age 14, an apprentice, who is living with Thomas at the time of the 1841 census. Hoever, he dies in 1845 aged 16. I have speculated that there may also have been a step-daughter Jane CAVE but this is quite conjectural.

William Morris BRUSH; 1812 - 1872

William Morris marries his cousin Margaret BRUSH - the daughter of William ( the subject of chapter ???). They marry at St Mary's church in Lambeth on 5th August 1837. He is a shopman and she is a servant. Their marriage is witnessed by Samuel BRUSH, who could be their uncle from Harrow or their cousin, the postman.

At 1851 they are living at 2 Hortulan Gardens in Chelsea. He is a fishmonger. They have a visitor - another fishmonger Joseph PALMER. The Palmer name rings a bell from somewhere else in this history but I am not sure where! At 1861 and 1871 they are at 339 Kings Road in Chelsea. He remains a fishmonger. At 1871 they aslo have a servant living with them, an errand boy Frederick Cog age 15.

William dies in Q4 1872 in the Chelsea Registration district and is buried in the Brompton cemetary on 8 October in a common grave. He is identified as church rather than dissent.

Margaret dies in Q4 1879 in the Wandsworth registration district and is buried on 6 December in Battersea.

IMAGE _ MAR CERT in file

Henry Charles BRUSH 1817 - 1877

Henry marries on 13 April 1840 to Hannah Robinson at the church of St George in the East. His address is 10 New Gravel Lane, which (like the church and her address 7 Johnson Street) is in the Wapping and Shadwell area of East London - dockland. She was a servant, the daughter of William Robinson "gentleman's servant". He is identifed as a mariner which is a big change in lifestyle. His father Thomas was a fishmonger and had previously been a gardener, his grandftaher had been a farmer, or maybe just an agricuktural worker.

Henry's marriage is witnessed by William Brush and Margaret Brush (presumably his brother and sister in law) .

I can find no trace of Henry or Hannah in the 1841 census.

On 26 October 1841 Henry and Hannah have a child Charles Wesley (birth cert). At that time they are living at Peel Street in Kensington. He is not baptised until 21 July 1844 at the same time as sister Mary Anne, at St Mary Abbots church in Kensington. Hannah's name is shown as Anna. The family address is 14 Edge Terrace .

IMAGE birth cert

At the 1851 census a Henry BRUSH, fishmonger, is living alone at in Peckham, on the Old Kent Road. His age is given as 29 and his birthplace at Chelsea. This would seem to be Henry Charles, though the age is several years out. He is marked as a widower.

I have not been able to find the death of Hannah in the period between 1844 and 1851. Strangely there is an entry in the 1851 census a Hannah Brush, married, listed as a nurse in the household of Sophia FRYER in Newland Street, Kensington. Her birthpace is given as Wickmere, Norwich. In the 1871 census she is listed age 51 as a cook lodging in Kensington, now shown as a widow. Again, in 1881 she is listed as a widow, living in as a domestic servant. The GRO index shows the death of a Hannah Brush in Q4 1903 in Kensington, age 84. Had Henry and Hannah separated between 1844 and 1851 and later misrepresented themselves as being widowed?

In the 1861 census Henry BRUSH, fishmonger, and wife Eleanor are living at 6 Park Place in Deptford. His age is given as 41 and his birthplace at Chelsea. Again this would seem to be Henry Charles. His age is less wrong than it was ten years earlier, and he has a new wife. Though I can find no record of their marriage. If the theory about Hannah is right, maybe they were just cohabiting

In the 1871 census Henry BRUSH, fishmonger, and wife Eleanor are still in Deptford, though at a different address. His age is now given as 53.

The GRO index shows the death of a Henry BRUSH, age 60 in the Greenwich registration district in Q2 of 1877. Which seemed likely to be the death of Henry Charles. BUT... In the 1881 census Henry BRUSH, fishmonger, is again alone living as a lodger at 6 Park Place in Deptford - though his status is shown as married still. His age is given as 65 and his birthplace at Chelsea. Another incorrect age! The 1877 death must have been that of his cousin Henry, the son of William.

The GRO index later shows the death of Henry Charles BRUSH, age 76 in the Camberwell registration district in Q4 of 1889. However recorded the death also got his age wrong -overstated this time.

The children of Henry Charles

I can find no trace of Charles Wesley or Mary Anne in either the 1851 or the 1861 census.

There is a marriage in 1868, on 20 December, at St Michael's, Sittingbourne in Kent of Charles Henry Brush to Sarah Ann BRIGGS. His age is given as 27 and his father is named as Henry, a fishmonger. Which would seem to be Charles Wesley BRUSH adopting a changed middle name. Charles Henry is a plasterer and, unusually for the mid 19th century(?) he simply makes his mark in place of a signature. Sarah is a widow at 25, her father Richard ELDRIDGE is also a plasterer. I can find no trace of Charles between the birth in 1841 and the marriage in 1868. There is a detailed entry for Sarah Eldridge in Ancestry

Charles William is born on twenty something October 1869 and baptised on February 19th 1871 at St John's church Notting Hill. Charles Wesley is recorded as a labourer and the family address is 3 William Street. Multiple census entries will later give his place of birth as Sittingbourne. There is a GRO entry in Q4 1869 in the Milton registration district which includes Sittingbourne. He has a substantial family and will in due course have his own chapter.

In 1871 29 year old Charles Brush, wife "S" and 1 year old son "C", born Sittingbourne are living at Allington Street in Kensington. He is a bricklayer.

George Thomas in Kensington 1872 They are still in Kensington in 1881, with two children, Charles W and George T. At the 1891 census they are all still in Kensington though he has gone down the scale to be a labourer. Ancestry's index wrongly gives his age as 69 but the sheet itself shows 49.( At 1901 Charles and Sarah are living at 28 Peel Street in Kensington. he is recorded as a brick labourer and they have a lodger - Walter Langley, a painters labourer. At the same address, but shown as a separate household are Lydia Brush, 'married' age 27 and Henry Powell widower age 35 identifed as Lydia's brother. he is a scaffolder builders labourer. She has no occupation. She is the wife of Charles's son George Thomas BRUSH. Charles dies in Kensington registration district in Q4 1907.

Mary Ann Brush, the daughter of Henry marries in 1865 to George Attfield. Their address is shown as 4A Peel Street in Kensington - which had been her parents address at the birth of brother Charles. It would be interesting to see who was living at Peel Street in 1851 and 1861.

William Robinson ATTFIELD had been baptised on 24 June 1866 at St Barnabas Kensington. George's occupation is shown as milkman and their address was 2 Alfred Place, Holland Park. George Charles Attfield is born on 3 Mar 1868 and baptised at Saint John The Evangelist,Notting Hill on 19 Feb 1871. A George Charles is buried in Woodstock in 1941 age 73 - which fits. If it was him I do not yet know what happened in the intervening years from 1881. in Woods Baptism Place: ,London,England At 1881 George Attfield, a stableman, and Mary are living in Kensington with three children William, George and Hannah. Who is this Henry: One possibility is that he was the Henry BRUSH who enlisted in the US Navy at Boston on Christmas Eve 1864. His birthplace is given as England. It is unclear to me if his age is given as 27 - which is a few years out - or as 24 which is spot on. His enlistment was for three years which is consistent with his being back in England in 1868. He is then recorded as having deserted on 9 Mar 1865 On 5 Sep 1848 a Henry Brush age 9 (close but not quite right) arrives at New York from London on board the ship Independence Family Identification: 1159451 Microfilm Serial Number: M237 Microfilm Roll Number: 75 In 1882, age 40 or 41 a Henry Brush travels to New York from Liverpool.

Isaac James BRUSH; 1819 -

At the 1841 census Isaac James is living with his father Thomas at . He is identifed as a gardener.

On Christmas day 1845 Isaac marries Harriett HALE at St George's church in Camberwell. He is again identifed as a gardener, she has no given occupation. Her father was John HALE, a labourer. Just a single residence is stated - Kent Road.

IMAGE _ MAR CERT in file

He has a close relationship with his uncle Isaac, the brother of his father Thomas and his aunt Elizabeth who we believe to have been the sister of his mother Sarah. As a consequence of this he moves out of London to Leavesden in Hertfordshire. His step-mother Elizabeth also seems to have had family connections in the area of Hertforshire around Leavesden.

Isaac and Harriett have four children. One of them was Isaac born in 1855 at Leavesdan. There is enough information about Isaac to give him his own chapter, 2?.A, .

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