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Chapter 29.C

The younger children of Samuel and Sarah

As described in chapter 29.A, Samuel BRUSH, the postman, and Sarah (nee Carter) had six children. The eldest, John Thomas BRUSH, my great-great-grandfather, is covered in chater 29.B. The five younger children were Emma, Sarah, Harriet, Mary Ann and Samuel.


Emma was born and baptised in 1833 in Pimlico and was living with her parents in 1841. In 1851 she is a servant in the house of Thomas Barkworth in Westminster.

The 1836 Walmer Castle, from a painting by Michael Whitehand
The 1836 Walmer Castle,from a painting by Michael Whitehand

A number of family trees on Ancestry suggest that she emigrated to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1857, travelling as a servant, apparently to Alfred Clarke and his three children on board the Walmer Castle, boarding at London in the "third cabin" in October 1856.

This was, probably the 'new' ship of that name launched in 1855 but I have not found confirmation that she was for passenger transport. The previous 1836 ship had certainly been used for emigrant passages to Australia as described by the unusually named "Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais Inc." The extract below describes an 1848 voyage on the 1836 ship. Their two websites, old and new, contain some interesting background on the emigtation process at the time.

The Walmer Castle was a ship of London, 656 tons burthen, and sailed from the English port of Plymouth carrying a crew of 50, 10 passengers in Cabin accommodation and 301 “Government Emigrants” in Steerage. These included 57 married couples, 53 single men, 43 single men, 49 boys and 28 girls from 1-14 years of age, 11 male and 3 female infants.

At the death on 22 September 1902 at Mansfield, Victoria of Emma Letieq, widow, her father is identified as Samuel Brush. Letters of administration were granted to Adele McKim, her married daughter.

Multiple trees indicate a marriage in 1857 to William or Candide Leticq but I have not been able to find any source for this and some of these trees show a daughter in 1855 which raises unanswered questions.

This version of her life was something I only came across in 2019 or 2020. My father's notes, from some fifteen years earlier suggested that she married in Camberwell in 1866. An Emma Brush certainly did but it may have been someone else.


Harriet was born baptised

She marries John Gabriel BURROWS at St John the Evangalist parish church, Smith Square, Westmister on 17 August 1862. The church she had been baptised in.

The marriage register, above, clearly shows him to be a warehouseman but an earlier draft of this histroy records him as a draper. I don't know where this came from.

John's father, Joseph Gabriel Burrows, is noted as a schoolmaster. An unusual middle name and his occupation helps us track him down in the 1841 census when he is living at Ross in Herefordshire with wife Sarah Elizabeth, three year old John Gabriel and one year old Mary Elizabeth. Joseph, Sarah and John were not born in Herefordshire. John seems to have been born in Q2 1838 in the St George Hanover Square RD. In 1851 the family were in Hadleigh in Suffolk. Joseph is shown as being born in ?London? Middlesex. I cannot find either John or Joseph in the 1861 census. John has a brother Joseph Gabriel who is born in 1842 and marries in 1875 in Chorlton on Medlock when his father Joseph is described as a clerk.

John and Harriett have a daughter Edith Harriet BURROWES in 1864.

John dies age just 25 in January 1864 and is buried at Brompton cemetery on 20th January.

Harriett remarries to Charles Frederick WILDE on 29 May 1869 in St. George, Hanover Square RD. Family trees on Ancestry indicate that William Henry Wilde had been born the previous year on 13 August 1868. At 1871 they are living at 3 Charlwood Street, Westminster and 1881 at Battersea.They have at least five children


Sarah remains unmarried and following Samuel's death appears in the 1881 census as a servant in a lodging house in Penge. At 1891 she is a "companion" to Emil and Eleanor Koppner at 45 Culvert Road, Battersea. By 1901 the Koppner family have moved to Bromley. Sarah is now listed as a friend. At 1911 they have moved again to Mile End. Sarah is again listed as a friend but her occupation is 'help'. Her age is given (incorrectly) as 73. Probable death, age 88, in Q1 1923 in HackneyRD.

There is an entry in the admission register of the Westminster workhouse at 25 March 1872 for Sarah BRUSCH, dressmaker,born 1835. This could be Sarah - following the remarriage of her father? There is no other Sarah Brusch I am aware of.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann seems to be in the 1851 census as a visitor in the house of Thomas Barkworth in Westminster where sister Emma age 18 is a servant. Though her age is given as 13 which equates to a birth date of 1837 or 8 and she is listed just as Mary. It seems likely that she is the Mary Brush age 29 listed in 1871 as a cook & domestic servant for the Ellis family at 63 Sloane Street in Chelsea - her birthplace is precisey given as Pimlico. She could be the Mary Brush who died in Q2 1909 in East Grinstead RD age 70.


There is much more to say about the youngest son, Samuel. He is born on 25 January 1845 in Chelsea at the Wesleyan Chapel in Sloane Terrace (which is identifed in the birth certificate as his father's residence). At some point he moves to Scotland and gets a job as a clerk in a Linen Manufacturers. We have no idea what prompted such a dramatic move or when it occurred since I have been unable to locate the family in either the 1851 or 1861 censuses. There is no other Scottish link that we are aware of.

In 1867, on 30 September, he married Isabella Watson ,the daughter of David Watson, a Cloth Manufacturer. They marry in the St Paul's Episcopal church, which wa slater to become Dundee's cathedral. Samuel's address is given as Whether by his own efforts or with a leg-up from his father-in law, Samuel becomes a partner in the firm of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, carpet manufacturers.

They appear in the 1871,81 and 91 censuses.reappears in Scotland in the 1881 and 1891 census.

Samuel and Isaballa have four children; Samuel Carter in 1868, Annie Mary & Robina in 1870, and John Wighton in 1872. Isabella died in 1897. Years later Samuel marries again to Martha Brown Brush, Samuel, of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, 43 Constitution street Dundee directory 1886/7 Brush, Samuel C, M.B., CM., Helenbank, 292 Strathmartine road 1909/10 Dundee downfield directory Marshall & Brush, manufacturers, Dundee Carpet Works, Clepington rd. 1892/3 directory samuel: 1897/8 organist at Victoria Wesleyan

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