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John Thomas BRUSH

The eldest child of Samuel, the postman, and Sarah (nee Carter) was John Thomas BRUSH, my great-great-grandfather. He was born in Pimlico at 4 Isabella Row on 28 June 1831 and baptised at St John the Evangalist, Smith Square, Westminster on 18 September.


At the time of the 1841 census he was living with his parents at at St George's Place. As with most of the family he is not visible in the 1851 census.

He married Mary Ann WALLIS on 18 April 1853 at St John the Evangalist, Smith Square, Westminster. The Parish church. She is recorded as a dressmaker.

At the time of the marriage, John Thomas and Mary Ann both give their address as 14 Tachbrook Street, which was the Wallis family home.

The Wallis name has been kept alive in the Brush family for over 160 years. It was given as the middle name to my great-grandfather, my father and me. When I go it will go too. What I know of the Wallis family is in section 32 of 'Brush Families of the British Isles'.

John and Mary have five children. The first, John Edward, was born on 23 October 1853, just six months after the marriage. They were living at Pulford Street, just north of the Thames - next to the Equitable gas works. I found Pulford Street on 'the underground map' , an amazing resource with maps from multiple different periods.

My great grandfather, Arthur Wallis, followed in 1855 and Mary Ann in 1859. They moved regularly. John is born in Westminster, Arthur in Pimlico and Mary Ann in Chelsea.

At the 1861 census they are at one of three households at 2 Caversham Street in Chelsea, which is where George Samuel was born later that year. The final child, Alice Sarah arrives in 1864, still in Chelsea.

The third household at Caversham Street is Mary Ann Carter and her son William age 3. Her status is given as 'wife' but her husband is not present. I note this since Carter was the maiden name of John Thomas's mother Sarah.

John Thomas is listed as "Carpenter and Joiner" in the Census and as a Joiner in the birth certificate of ???. On Arthur Wesley's birth certificate, John is identified as a Carpenter (Journeyman). Wikipedia defines a journeyman as someone who has completed an apprenticeship and is fully educated in a trade or craft, but not yet a master.

Aged just 32, John Thomas dies on 13 July 1864. There was a coroner's inquest, which was reported in the West London Observer, Kensington Special Reporter and Westbourne Chronicle of 23 July 1864.

"On Saturday week, Mr Bird held an inquest at the 'Red Lion', Shepperton, on the body of John Thomas Brush, aged 32 years.

George Wallis deposed that he resided at No. 4 Garden Place, Regent Street, Lambeth. Deceased was his brother in law.

Samuel Young stated that he was a bricklayer. On the previous Wednesday evening was with the decased at Halliford; went into the Thames to bathe; in about ten minutes deceased attempted to cross the River; he got out of his depth and was sinking, when an attempt was made to save him, but he sank.

Verdict of 'Accidentally drowned in the River Thames at Halliford".

John is buried at Brompton Cemetary on 18 July in a private grave. He is recorded as being 'dissent' rather than 'church'.

Following the death of John Thomas, his widow Mary Ann remarries. Her new husband is James Cooper. In the 1871 census they are at 1 Temperance Cottages in Fulham.

James Cooper is shown as 10 years younger than the widowed Mary Ann; he is recorded as a Dyer and Cleaner. George Wallis, the father of Mary Ann, was also a Dyer which might be relevant.

John Brush is a Fishmonger and 15 year old Arthur is a Grocer's apprentice. There is also a second household living at 1 Temperance Cottages, a bricklayer , his wife and three children.

Alice Sarah marries Walter Collins in 1894.

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