Section 31: Lewis & Mardlin

Section 32 : Wallis,
Gurnett & Huestice
Chapter xx

The siblings of Mary Ann Wallis

Mary Ann WALLIS was my great-great-grandmother and the wife of John Thomas BRUSH. This section looks at her siblings. She was the oldest and had xx younger brothers and sisters, the children of George Gurnett WALLIS, a Dyer and Mary nee HUESTICE.

Thomas age 5 in 1841 Elizabeth age 1 in 1841

1851 census
      George age 17, a Shop boy, born in Southwark,
      John age 15, Errand Boy, born Southwark,
      Elizabeth age 10 born Blackfriars in Middlesex,
      Susanna age 8 born in St Margaret's Westminster,
      son Wm (?) age 6 born Chelsea,
      son James (?) age 3 born Chelsea and
      Henry age 1 born Pimlico James 1857

Henry and James

George marries in 1857. His wife's address at Westbourne street is literally just around the corner from the Wallis home at Graham Street. His address is given as College Street, which was renamed early in the 20th century as Elystan Street. College Street seems to have been part of a spate of early 19th century building on what had been Chelsea Common. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/middx/vol12/pp51-60

The area was comprehensivly redeveloped sweeping away 'small crowded houses' to create a Sutton Trust estate. We know so little of our ancestors yet, bizarly, the Vestry report for 1861 tells us that George and family had their Dust, Ashes and other refuse collected by cart on a Thursday Each dustman will wear a badge bearing a number, and in case of impropriety of conduct on the part of any of the men employed, notice, with particulars of the circumstances, should be sent to this office. Vestry Hall, King’s-road, October, 1860. (By order), Charles Lahee, Vestry Clerk. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/43559/43559-h/43559-h.htm On 26th July 1860, Thomas CRAPPER married Maria Green at Trinity Church in Chelsea; they were both 23 years of age. Maria was a cousin of Thomas and also a childhood sweetheart who in her young days attended a private residential school for girls in Norfolk. They set up home at 3 Marlborough Cottages, College Street, Chelsea. http://www.plumberscompany.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2020-Thomas-Crapper-article-pdf.pdf

No trace of them or their children in 1861 census but at 1871 in Southwark age 36 By 1911 George is living with son

This photo, originating from Patrica Iddom is said to be of George Gurnett Wallis junior. If it is him and his wife Emma and two daughters it must be somewhere around 1877-87.

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The BRUSH Families of the British Isles
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The BRUSH Families
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