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Section 10 : Oxfordshire and Berkshire

Chapter 10.A

Stanton Harcourt

There are multiple references to the BRUSH name in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, at Stanton Harcourt, in Oxford itself and at Eynsham and North Leigh. Stanton Harcourt is a village in Oxfordshire 5 miles south-east of Witney and 5 miles west of Oxford just off the main London-Oxford-Gloucester road (the present day A40). It is about 45 miles south of Crick, 40 miles south-east of Tewkesbury and 45 miles north-east of Wotton under Edge. North Leigh is a few miles north, directly to the north east of Witney. Eynsham between Stanton Harcourt and North Leigh.

Oxford was even then a significant university town. Witney, like Tewkesbury and Wotton under Edge (and so many other places), is built on wool - in particular the famous white blanket cloth.

FWB has produced a tree for Stanton Harcourt which places as head of the family Adam BRUSH born c1567. [Not sure where this estimate comes from ?] This makes him generation (3) The earliest parish record for Stanton Harcourt is unfortunatly 1568 . Just possible there is a burial of a Margaret [Brushe?] recorded in 1569, the daughter of 'goodman' Brush - which is no help!/p>.

We also have a Jacobus (which can translate both as Jacob and James) BRUSH marrying Isabella KEYE (or Roye?) at Stanton Harcourt in 1579. The 25 year formula gives us a target birth date of 1552. A 15 year gap puts them half a generation apart so he could be either Adam's brother, cousin or an uncle. He could even be Adam's father remarrying. As with Adam there is no hint of him at Tewkesbury.

The register for Stanton Harcourt is incomplete - there are no entries for the period between 1585 and 1602.

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