Section 18 : Gloucestershire & Wiltshire 18th century

Chapter 18.A

Thomas and Sarah of Brinkworth
1694 - 17??

Thomas F25(4), grandson of William F6 "of Sherston" , was baptised at Sherston on 13 December 1694. He was my 7G-Grandfather. He marries, aged about 24, in Hullavington (4 miles south east) to a Sarah Brown in 1718. Initially they appear to remain in the same area as the family had lived for a couple of generations. Their first two children are baptised at Westonbirt and the next two at Sherston.

In 1730 Thomas and Sarah move to Brinkworth which is 10 miles east of Sherston, midway between Malmsbury and Swindon . Daughter Ruth who was baptised at Sherston in February 1729(30) dies in her first year and is buried at Brinkworth on 27 October 1730.

In a 1735 deed Thomas is described as yeoman of Brinkworth. The deed is a grant, by Thomas and Sarah, of a thousand year lease to Robert Embly of a house, orchard and garden in Willesley. { ? mge?sale? £35 - bond for £70 } This looks like the disposal of their interests in Willesley following the move to Brinkworth.

The name Embly is an unusual one - it might be that Robert Embly is a child of Sarah (nee BRUSH) F23(4) and Samuel Emle ( an even more unusual name) - this would make Robert the first cousin of Thomas F40. However there is a record of the baptism of a Robert Emley at Sherston Magna at 1 March 1693 - who as a 43 year old would be a good fit to a transaction in nearby Willesley. A Charles Embly also appeared in the 1716 story featuring Samuel Wallis at Westonbirt.

An 'Ancestry' search on EMBLY in the 'All England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975' category produces just 191 results, which is tiny. ( BRUSH produces 1445) . Emle produces only three! Though Emley delivers 1159.

A few references to Thomas F40(5) appear in the Chuchwardens' Accounts for Brinkworth and he seems to have some status in the town/parish, consistent with the earlier reference to him as a property owning yeoman.. He signs the accounts four times, each time along with others:

On 26 December 1746 approving the accounts of the Surveyors of Highways.

On 26 December 1747 nominating surveyors.

On 11 Apr 1747 or 1748 nominating the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor. The entry is dated 1747 but it is proably any error and should read 1748. Seventeen days into the New Year (for the calander change from old style to new style wass till four years away) this is a slip of the pen that many of us have made.

On 21 July 1748 authorising a "half a poor rate" for the Surveyors.

Thomas and Sarah have five children.

Thomas baptised in 1721/2 at Westonbirt, of whom nothing more is known. There are no obvious marriages. He may have died at Brinkworth in 1784 as discussed below.

Isaac baptised 15 June 1724 at Westonbirt. He was my 6G-Grandfather. He marries Mary Cove; his story continues in chapter 18.B

Sarah, who is baptised at Sherston in 1727 marries Isaac LITTLE on 10 April 1758 at Brinkworth ( witness Thomas Little and ?Edw? Giles). They are both 'of this parish'. The banns record describes him as 'yeoman'. Isaac LITTLE signs entries in the Brinkworth Churchwardens' Accounts similar to those signed by Thomas BRUSH.

Ruth baptised Sherston 1729/30 and buried Brinkworth 1730.

Mary baptised Brinkworth 1732. She may be the Mary who died in 1753 as discussed below.

A Thomas Brush is buried at Brinkworth on 9 October 1748. There are at least three possibilities of who this could be. Thomas the husband of Sarah, the main subject of this chapter is the most likely. Aged around 54? This is consistet with the accounts entries bearing his name ending earlier that year. But it could also be his son Thomas who had been baptised at Westonbirt in 1721/2 - aged around 27. Or his grandson Thomas, son of Isaac, who had been baptised earlier that year. This is perhaps the least likely as the registers appear routinely to record some deaths (presumably the deaths of children) as X, the son of Y , while adults are simply mentioned by ther own name.

A Mary Brush is buried at Brinkworth on November 16th 1753. This could be Mary baptised 1732, for whom we have no obvious marriage. It could also be Mary nee Cove, the widow of Isaac.

Another Thomas Brush is buried at Brinkworth in 1784. This seems more likely to be the Thomas who was baptised in 1721/2. Aged around 63. More probable surely than it being his father aged around 90. But it could also be Thomas the son of Isaac aged around 37. But we believe he moved to Swindon, as discussed in chapter 23.B . On the balance of probabilities Thomas from 1721 seems to be the most likley.

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